Our Vision


It becomes holistic and host mediated treatment when excellent acute care model of modern medicine is clubbed with powerful chronic care model of ancient remedies

The world is looking up to the natural systems of medicine and holistic approach to tackle the ever-increasing lifestyle health problems and diseases.

Because degenerative diseases and other incurable diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, liver disease, vision disturbances, asthma, joint pains, diabetes, cancer and many autoimmune diseases are not only on the rise but alarmingly has started affecting the young and the children also.

Things have already gone out of hand because on the one hand disease is hitting hard and on the other hand side-effects of modern medicines creating new challenges so much so that even medical professionals and their family members are suffering helplessly and hopelessly. This has made the things worse and chaotic when modern science is struggling to fight dose insufficiency & drug resistance, viruses and superbugs are glaring at humanity and have already created epidemics in many parts of the world.

The root cause of the problem lies in ignoring immune system while providing symptomatic relief, whereas immune system has got vital role in the pathophysiology and prognosis of each and every disease.

The components of immune system do not allow chemical intervention of modern medicines hence side effects, dose insufficiency and drug resistance. It is because of this reason that mentors of modern medicine and scholars of ancient remedies from natural and medicinal plants  evolved a new concept of integarative medicine

In integarative medicine concept modern medicines which are capable of providing instant symptomatic relief is clubbed with natural immuno-modulators which are capable of restoring health and balanced immune system.

So there would be no side-effects, no dose insufficiency & drug resistance, rather being holistic in nature with adaptogenic quality of superior herbs these evidence based natural-immuno-modulators will produce side-bonuses.