how to understand natural healing process through ailment reflections.?

An Ailment Reflection is a positive reaction of the body to its own health problem or disease. It is part of the healing process that happens when a person starts systemic medicine

External signs of ailment reflection

  1.  FACE
    1. Eyes – The eyes react to the condition of the liver
    2. Reddish eye (either one or both eyes)
      The liver has a high level of toxins
      Reddish eyes are an indication that the body is discharging the toxins.

      1. Blurry Eyesight
        Usually occurs in the morning. An indication that the liver is regulating itself.
      2. Waste disposal of eyes
        This shows that the liver is not functioning properly and that detoxification is in progress. Also indicates excessive amounts of acid in the body.
      3. Teary Eyes
        Emotional disturbances indicated, especially anger.
      4. Tension in the eyes and eyelids mental stress due to dissatisfaction or excessive workload.
    3. Nose – The nose has a close affiliation with the lungs and throat.
      1. Running Nose
        1. Toxic removal process from the lungs.
        2. Excessive level of acid in the body (usually the body temperature is too high).
      2. Blocked Nostrils
        1. The lungs have a high level of toxins
        2. A regulating process for allergies of the nose
      3. Sneezing
        1. Removal of toxin process from the lungs.
        2. A regulating process for allergies of the nose.
      4. Cough
        1. Coughing with a discharge of mucus means the removal of toxins from the body is in process.
        2. Dry coughs means the lungs have an excessive amount of toxins in them.
  • Coughing with itchy throat means that the removal of toxins from the throat and lungs is in process. Usually happens to heavy smokers and to those who breathe polluted air.
  1. Throat
    1. Dry Throat – Detoxification process throughout the body. Indicates that the body needs more water to discharge the toxins
    2. Sore throat – Same as above – the toxic level is more serious.
  2. Lips – Related to the digestive system function.
    1. Pale lips
      1. A weak digestive system.
      2. Gasses inside the stomach.
  • A lack of blood due to an improper digestive system that leads to an insufficient amount of iron.
  1. Dry and cracked lips – Too many toxic substances inside the stomach.
  1. Mouth and Tongue – Both have a close connection to blood circulation.
    1. Tongue or gum swelling and pain – Indication of heart problems such as excessive fat, weak valve function, blocked coronary etc.
    2. Tongue, mouth tissue or gum with ulcers is an indication of excessive acid in the blood.
    3. Bad breath – Stomach regulation to discharge the toxins.
  2. Ears – Associated closely to the kidneys.
    1. Blocked Ear – Excessive toxins in the kidneys
    2. Blocked Earlobe – Regulates the weak function of the kidneys.
      Usually experienced with painful soles in the morning that will decrease after taking a walk.
  3. SKIN
    1. Perspiration
      1. Salty Perspire – Excessive amounts of uric acid in the body
      2. Foul Sweat – Body emitting toxins by perspiring
    2. Rashes and boils
      The body is emitting toxic fat and non- soluble toxins.
    3. Itchy skin with rashes
      The process of discharging toxins through the skin, due to excessive consumption of modern medicine.
    4. The process of discharging toxins through the skin, due to excessive consumption of modern medicine.
      The body is discharging water soluble toxins.
    5. Hair is falling out
      Indicates a weak function of the kidneys. New and healthy hair will emerge after the process.
    1. Painful Joints
      1. Heat – An indication of injury to the joints or gout.
      2. Non Heat – An indication of rheumatism.
      3. Pain in the Shoulders – Indicates that the blood vessels are hardening and am imbalance of the metabolism function.
    2. Numbnessn of the hands

Irregular blood circulation of the upper part of the body

  1. Numbness of left hand and arm
    An indication of a weak heart, if the pain moves to the arm and stays there, a heart attack may happen at any time.
  2. Numbness of the feet
    Irregular blood circulation of the lower part of the body.
  3. Heaty Soles
    Regulating process of the kidneys due to a weak sex function.
  4. Painful Heels
    An indication of a weak sex function
  5. Itchiness between the toes
    An early indication of the Hong Kong Foot disease

Internal signs of ailment reflection

  1. HEAD
    Generally, all reactions that occurs in the head is related to the blood circulation system, heart and brain nerves.

    1. Pain/dizziness at the front side of the head – An indication of neurosis due to mental burden and too much thinking.
    2. Pain/dizziness at the rear side of the head
      1. Upper part – An indication of high blood pressure.
      2. Lower part (neck) – An indication of either high blood or low blood pressure.
    3. Headache and gasses emitted out from the earlobes – An indication of migraine.
    4. Boils on the head – Toxic disposal in process. Sometimes due to migraine.
    5. Dizziness – An indication of insufficient blood supply, or bad circulation of blood.
    1. Vomit – Sign of asthma. Toxic disposal from stomach.
    2. Vomiting Blood
      1. Red blood – Dead tissue disposed from the throat and lungs.
      2. Dark Blood – Dead tissue disposed from the stomach; usually due to ulcer.
    3. Stressed and tensed tongue – An indication of heart diseases.
    4. Thick saliva – Toxic disposal process from the throat due to infection or cancer.
    1. Frequent – Indicates that the kidney has an excessive amount of toxic waste.
    2. Chalky – An indication if kidney stones.
    3. Oily – An indication of lipid waste in the kidneys.
    4. Thick and brownish – Indicates that toxins are being disposed.
    5. Bloody – Kidney stones or injured kidney.
  4. STOOL
    1. Diarrhea – Cleansing toxic wastes from the colon.
    2. Constipation – Cleansing of toxins from the small intestine.
    3. Feces with blood
      1. Red blood – Piles or cancer problems in the intestine.
      2. Dark Blood – Ulcer problems.
    4. Dark feces – Indicates that the intestine is disposing toxic wastes.
    1. Painful – Generally, all bodily pain is caused by clogged vessels or arteries.
      1. Sharp Pain – Regulating process for the nerves.
      2. Numbing Pain – An indication of internal injury.
      3. Jolting Pain – Regulating process for nerves that is related to internal organs.
      4. Tense Pain – Process of regulating blood circulation.
    2. Heavy/lazy/tired – Acidic body. It indicates that the body is regulating itself and needs a good rest.
    3. Heaty – An indication, that the body needs a lot of water to discharge toxins.
    4. Light/relief – Indicates that the body is fresh and that regeneration has begun.
    1. Fearful – The kidney is functioning weakly, also low libido
    2. Bad Tempered – Weak liver function. High blood pressure.
    3. Nervous and sad – Lungs not functioning properly.
    4. Euphoriatic – Heart function is weak. Brain nerve system is poor. Blood circulation is not functioning properly.
    5. Dreamy – Digestive system is weak.

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