How systemic medicine helps in coeliac disease

Coeliac Disease (Wheat Allergy) Coeliac disease (CD) is caused by an inability to digest the gluten protein in wheat and some other grains. The gluten is recognised by the immune system of the coeliac as being a foreign protein and their intestines suffer irreversible collateral damage as a result of an ‘autoimmune’ reaction when they[…]

What are ailment reflexions/improvement reactions/healing crisis.?

Ailment reflections are a positive reaction of the body to its own health problems or diseases and are the necessary part of the healing process. When we start consuming Medicinal mushrooms extracts, the body start giving some symptoms which is nothing but improvement reactions. Many people are unable to understand and interpret these symptoms.  This[…]

What are the laws of Natural Healing & Hering’s Laws of Cures ?

Systemic medicine works according to laws of natural healing Imagine the fate of machines and physics if Newton laws of mechanics are ignored! This is exactly what is happening with human body and medical science because Herings laws of natural healing Are being ignored   And only because of this the fight between chronic disease and modern medical[…]

what are Systemic Medicine ?

Systemic Medicine is an evolution in the practice of medicine that better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century. Systemic medicine integrates with symptomatic modern medicine or ayurvedic medicine  to creat a focus on prevention and  permanent cure . Systemic medicine is a combination of rare ancient adaptogenic herbs categorised as Natural immuno-modulator,  Metabolic[…]