Our concept is based on the facts that human body should not run life long on synthetic chemicals. They are meant for short time only and that too for symptomatic relief until SOMETHING clears the root of disease and body regains optimum level of health.

Every patient suffering from chronic or incurable (especially Autoimmune) disease have five big questions in his mind which remains unanswered.

Ques. 1:- What is the root cause of my disease? Show Answer

Ans :- Root cause of every chronic, autoimmune disease and organ fail can be summed up as followings :-

  1. The blood supplied to the organ is nutritionally deficient due to hepatic malfunction or imbalanced diet or poor absorption of nutrients from the intestine.

  2. The circulation to the organs and micro circulation within the organ has got blocked due to inflammation caused by toxins, free radicals or because of acidic composition of blood.

  3. The cells of the effected system or organ have become the host of some unidentified toxins and have come under autoimmune attack causing inflammation and have lost their functionality.

We need something which can down regulate toxin status of body and up regulate nutrition status of body so that self healing power of the body can create desired balance of pathophysiology.

Ques. 2 :- In spite of so many X-rays, MRI, CT SCANS, Blood Tests etc. and visits to so many Super Specialities, Why I have got no relief till date? Why My list of medicines & agonies are increasing day-by-day? Show Answer

Ans :-Because whole efforts, money and time is spent on just naming the disease and fixing the readings of pathological parameters. But disease continues to deteriorate as no efforts is done to clear the root cause of the disease.

Small periods of symptomatic relief do come but disappear as the medication is stopped.

Disease and symptoms are two different things. Patient is made to consider his symptoms as his disease.

No understanding of disease is provided, only the symptoms are suppressed or readings are corrected. Disease remains as it is and continues to come back with greater force.

For example blood pressure is not a disease. It is just a symptom and reading whereas disease is blocked circulation somewhere in the body which remain unattended and continues to deteriorate.

Because of no relief patient continue to change doctors and doctors continue to change molecules and repeating same test again and again. This process continues lifelong until major health crisis comes and patient is told to live with disease and side effects of multiple medications.

Ques. 3 :- Shall I ever regain my perfect health forever? Show Answer

Ans :-Yes, one can not only regain his good health but can also prevent further diseases provided  SOMETHING uproots cause of disease.

Our whole body is made up of tiny cells. When we adopt such a lifestyle & food which helps in continued process of




We can not only regain good health but can prevent future diseases also.

Ques. 4 :- How can I save myself from the severe side effects of so many medicines ? Show Answer

Ans :-Before we understand how can we save ourselves from side effects of so many medicines, it is important to know why these medicines cause side effects.

Medicines are prescribed for symptomatic relief and symptoms are nothing but indicators raised by immune system to alarm the body. Modern medicines ignore root cause of disease and only suppress the raised indicators (symptoms).

The components of immune system do not allow chemical intervention of modern medicines for long time. Hence side effects, dose insufficiency and drug resistance.

We can save ourselves from side effects, dose insufficiency and drug resistance if we find SOMETHINGwhich when clubbed with modern medicine can provide immune- modulation and effective detoxification of harmful chemicals and toxins.

Ques. 5 :- Why once a disease is always a disease ? Show Answer

Ans :- Disease is nothing but is symptom of some organ tissue or cells going into failure. For example a person is said to be diabetic when his pancreatic cells fail to produce insulin.

It is well known fact that before going into failure organ tissues or cells goes step by step from malfunction to dysfunction.

Malfunctioning organ cells are not dead, they are sometime working and some time not.

Dysfunction of organ means its cells are alive but not functioning at all

If we find SOMETHING which can support at cellular level of whole body in such a way that malfunctioning and dysfunctional cells start functioning properly, we can save the organ from going into permanent failure.

Modern medicine does not have this approach. No medicine protocol is designed for making malfunctional and dysfunctional cells of an organ to functional.

All modern medicine protocols consider malfunctioning, dysfunctional and failure of cells of an organ in the same category and nothing is done to revive them.

Due to this reason the effected organ cells gradually deteriorate step by step from malfunctioning to dysfunctional to permanent failure.

Hence once a disease is always a disease situation prevails.